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PI supports institutions, companies, governments, multi-lateral organizations and cross-sector groups to strengthen their capacities for leading system transformation, and achieving greater impact in their work. Learn more about our work.


For Not-For-Profit & Impact

How do institutions shift from reacting to the most recent crisis to meeting uncertainty with creativity, capability and collective action?

How do institutions harvest the learning emerging from their work and partnerships to have greater impact?

Learning and Innovation

PI works with a wide range of not-for-profit organizations/NGOs, impact investors and philanthropists to build the capabilities in their leadership teams for:

  • Understanding complexity and identifying leverage points for change
  • Building and leading collaborative teams
  • Activating cross-sector capabilities for innovation and action
  • Building platforms and practices of learning organizations

PI has worked with a range of NGOs, philanthropic organizations and communities to build the internal capabilities for learning and innovation. These engagements have ranged from work with labor leaders in the United States, to community networks in Spain and Israel, to international NGOs such as the Red Cross Red Crescent Societies.

If you would like to explore how PI can help your company, please reach out.

“This is the moment when what we need most is enough people with the skill, heart, and wisdom to help us pull ourselves back from the edge of breakdown and onto a different path.”

Otto Scharmer, “Leading from the Emerging Future:

From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies“

Activating a learning culture within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement

PI partnered with the IFRC to co-design and pilot a learning initiative — Learn to Change — with the goal of co-designing a framework to guide learning across the Movement, and to create a community of learners who are applying these practices to improve the impact of their work.

4 Returns Lab

“4 Returns Labs” focus specifically on holistic landscape restoration, combining Theory U methodology and the 4 Returns framework. It is a series of workshops for all relevant stakeholders within the landscape to learn how to address the underlying causes of landscape degradation and develop actions for landscape restoration together.

Ideas That Serve Justice

Application story of the U process and Social Presencing Theater in cross sectoral innovation in the Law and Justice sector in India.

Learn, Innovate, Transform.

We can help you as a leader, change-maker, team or organization to initiate and sustain transformational change.

Discover Theory U: a change and innovation framework and set of methodologies that have been used by thousands of organizations worldwide.
Find new solutions in an era of unprecedented disruption and potential for transformation.

Building on the work of the MIT Center for Organizational Learning, Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer and others, at the intersection of science, consciousness, and profound social and organizational change